What is Python and what is it use for?

What is Python?

The Python language is a General-purpose (object-oriented) language, it is a modern programming language.it is very simple to use. The simplicity and speed with which programs are created. A program in Python can have 4 to 5 lines of code less than its equivalent in Java or C. and Other Programming Language.

it is scripting independent of platform and orientated to objects, prepared to realize any type of program, from Windows applications to network servers or even web pages. It is an interpreted language, which means that you do not need to compile the source code to be able to execute it, which offers advantages such as the speed of development and disadvantages such as lower speed.
The number of platforms in which we can develop, such as Unix, Windows, Mac, Amiga, and others. In addition, Python is free, even for business purposes.
The development of Python lasted several years, during which he worked in various companies in the United States. In 2000 he already had a fairly complete product and a development team with which he had ever been associated in business projects. Currently working on Zope, a content management platform and application server for the web, of course, completely programmed in Python.

Little History Of Python

Python began to be conceived in the late 1980s and its implementation was initiated in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum at the CWI in the Netherlands, as a successor to the ABC programming language, capable of handling exceptions and interacting with the Amoeba operating system.

Python 2.0 was released on October 16, 2000, with major changes and features such as a full garbage collector and support for Unicode. With the release of this version, the development process changed and became more transparent and more supported in the Python community.

Python 3.0 was launched on December 3, 2008; it became incompatible backward.


Some features of This Language


1 General-purpose :

All kinds of programs can be created. It is not a language created specifically for the web, although among its possibilities it is the development of pages.

2 Clear syntax :

The Python syntax is very easy to use, which is why it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

3 Multi-platform :

There are versions of Python available on many different computer systems. Originally it was developed for Unix, although any system is compatible with the language as long as there is an interpreter programmed for it.

4 Interpreted It :

means that the code should not be compiled before it is executed. Actually, a compilation is done, but it is done in a transparent way for the programmer. In certain cases, when a code is executed for the first time, bytecodes are produced that are saved in the system and that serves to accelerate the implicit compilation performed by the interpreter each time the same code is executed.

5 Interactive :

Python has a command line interpreter in which you can enter statements. Each statement is executed and produces a visible result, which can help us to better understand the language and test the results of the execution of lots of code quickly.

6 Object-Oriented :

Oriented programming is supported in Python and in many cases offers a simple way to create programs with reusable components.

7 Functions and libraries :

It has many functions incorporated in the language itself, for the treatment of strings, numbers, files, etc. In addition, there are many libraries that we can import into programs to deal with specific issues such as programming windows or network systems or things as interesting as creating compressed files in .zip.

Is Python language of the future?

In recent years the language has become very popular, there are several reasons such as the number of libraries it contains, data types and functions incorporated in the language itself, which help to perform many common tasks without having to program them from scratch. I have already let you know in another article it is most Popular language to  Top 5 Programming Languages that You have to  Learn.

Some companies that use Python

  • Yahoo,
  • Google,
  • Walt Disney,
  • NASA,
  • Red Hat, etc.


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