What is Adobe XD and What is the use of Adobe XD

Adobe XD, or Adobe Experience Design, is a graphics editing tool that works to create web page and application interfaces. It allows the designer to focus on the user experience when navigating, with a minimum error range and in the shortest possible time. Let’s talk in detail.

What is Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design is one of the most recent programs in the Adobe catalog. It is a program that is part of the Creative Cloud platform. In this case, unlike other programs of the firm, it is not a tool with which to design as such. But it is a tool to present drafts.

It provides us with all the tools we need to work with prototypes of web pages, apps, and many others. In this way, we can present these drafts online, allowing navigation that simulates the user’s real interaction. It is something that will help us to determine the proper functioning of the web we are designing.

Adobe Experience Design is a good option to take into account when we are developing projects, it will also help us when determining structures in the creation of a web or an app. It also provides us with the key functions to be able to develop such drafts. What is surprising is that it is not a design program, as there are others in Adobe, since the design tools are somewhat scarce. But in this case, the idea is to check the operation of the web or app. Let it be seen if the navigation is agile.

Functions in Adobe Experience Design

We find two main tabs when using the program on the computer. It’s about the Design and Prototype tabs. In the design interface, we find a series of tools that help us to be able to work on the creation of these drafts:

  • Work tables: When we are in design, we can open these work tables, which have specific screen sizes. What we have to do is add the elements that interest us. We can thus test the design or navigation on a computer or mobile phone.
  • Boxes: We have a series of tools to create boxes with shapes. We can dump images directly into these boxes, as in Adobe Indesign.
  • Text: A simple text tool, in which we can change the font, size, etc. The basic adjustments in this type of situation.
  • Grid: A tool that allows the cloning of a block of content and then be able to make use of smart editing at any time.

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