What is Swift Programming Language

If you are reading this article, then most likely you have heard of a new programming language called Swift.
When we talk about programming, those who are not familiar with this topic will probably not understand much, in this article we will try to explain all about related to Swift.

What is Swift Programming Language

Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language created by Apple focused on the development of applications for iOS and Mac OS X. It was presented at WWDC 2014 and is designed to integrate with the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Frameworks, you can use any library programmed in Objective- C and call functions of C. It is also possible to develop code in Swift compatible with Objective-C under certain conditions. Swift intends to be a safe, fast-paced and concise language. Use the LLVM compiler included in Xcode. In 2015 it became open source.

  • When assigning a Type of value, a copy of its content is saved. Its use is recommended when it is necessary to copy your information or go to work in multiple threads.
  • Assigning a Type by reference assigns a shared instance that is mutable even if they are used in constants, that is, modifying an instance will be reflected in all the variables and constants that share it. Its use is recommended when it is required to share mutable data.

Little History Of Swift Language

The language was born as an alternative to Objective-C to develop applications on iOS and OSX platforms. This course is an opportunity to quickly learn everything related to Swift, in a pleasant and structured way, without having to digest the manual in English from Apple.

What it is used for.

  • iOS app developing
  • macOS Developing
  • WatchOS and more…

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