What is Ruby Programming Language

When we talk about Ruby language, those who are not familiar with this topic will probably not understand much, in this article we will try to explain all about related to Ruby.

What is Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is a programming language interpreter, reflective and object-oriented, created by the programmer Japanese Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, who started working on Ruby in 1993 and presented publicly in 1995. It combines a syntax inspired by Python and Perl with object-oriented programming features similar to Smalltalk.

It also shares functionality with other programming languages ​​such as Lisp, Lua, Dylan, and CLU. it is an interpreted programming language in one pass and its official implementation is distributed under a license of free software.

Little History Of Ruby Language

  • It was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto (aka Matz) in 1993 in Japan.
  • Matz brought together the best of his favorite programming language (PERL) to create a powerful, flexible and even fun language.
  • He chose the best programming (ADA, PERL, SMALLTALK, EIFFEL, LISP) and even created a more powerful object-oriented language than Python.
  • It is a language that promotes productivity.
  • it first interested in the improvement understandable by humans and then by machines.
  • It is perfect for beginners since it is simple.

Some Advantages of using  Ruby Language

  • It is a general-purpose language, that is, with Ruby you can develop all kinds of different applications: web service applications, email clients, data processing in Backend, network applications, etc. Whatever you can think of, you can do it with it.
  • It is an interpreted language, that is, it is not compiled, it is necessary that the Ruby interpreter evaluates the code and translate it into machine language understandable by a computer, but there is no previous compilation process such as C or Java.
  • It is dynamic and flexible. With strategies such as metaprogramming (write programs that write or manipulate other programs). You can even use this language itself to alter the code at run time.
  • It is a high level, it means that it is far from the machine language and is very close to English, sometimes it seems that it is simply being written in English.
  • It is free (Open Source) software and multiplatform, it can be downloaded for free from the official website ruby-lang.org  and executed in different operating systems.

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