Make Custom Thumbnails for YouTube or Blog Tutorial

Do you want to make professional thumbnail for your Channel or blog then Welcome to this brand tutorial in this tutorial I will teach you Step by Step from beginners to advance in your language Hindi

What will you learn In This Course

This Course Especially for novices and Intermediate Users Who already know some basics of PhotoShop. in this tutorial, I will cover everything.

some topics that I cover in this Thumbnails for YouTube or Blog Tutorial Course.

1 Basic Photoshop
2 How to Choose Color
3 How to Choose Font
4 How to Search Image
5 All About Size (Which Size is Perfect)
6 How to make YouTube Thumbnail
7 For Study
8 For Gamming
9 For Technical Channel
10 For Health Channel
11 For Blog Channel
12 Make Thumbnail for Website or Blog
13 How to Make Thumbnail Hindi Thumbnail


basic knowledge of Photoshop (Not Mandatory) but you have to know the basic knowledge of computers.

How to Enroll This Course

You Can Learn from our site however right now it isn’t accessible on this Website because of some explanation. but you don’t need to stress over it since it is accessible on YouTube. we prescribe you to Check Out, Our YouTube Channel In them, you will discover our Make Custom Thumbnails for YouTube or Blog Tutorial in Hindi playlist check out our Youtube Channel

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