What is C Programming Language | Basics of C Language  

C Language is a Most Popular Programming Language for Creating Systems Software, although it is also used to Create Applications. Let’s talk Everything in Detail

What is C Programming Language

C language is a General-Purpose Language language. Also known as “System Programming Language” developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie for UNIX, Their instructions are very similar to other languages ​​including sentences such as if, else, for, do and while.

Although C is a high-level language, we have the possibility to Program at a low level  To simplify the Functioning of the C language it has included Libraries of Functions that can be included Referring to the Library that includes them, that is, if we want to use a function to erase the Screen we will have to include in our program the library that has the function for clear the screen.

Little History Of C Language

The history of the C  Programming language begins in the early 1970s, with a Programmer working in the AT & T Bell Laboratories located in the U.S.A

The initial development of C was carried out at the AT & T Bell Laboratories between 1969 and 1973; according to Ritchie, the most creative period took place in 1972. It was given the name “C” because many of its characteristics were taken from an earlier language called “B”

it is created by Dennis M. Ritchie as an evolution of the previous B language, in turn, based on BCPL. Like B, it is a Language Oriented to the implementation of Operating Systems, specifically Unix. C is appreciated for the efficiency of the code it produces and is the most popular programming language for creating systems software, although it is also used to create applications

is C and C++ and C# are Same

There is always a lot of Confusion Let me Clear that There is a different Between C, C++, and C#. Let’s see one by one.

C is a free Language that supports structured programming, nothing more. Useful in programming Microchips, Operating Systems, Drivers, and Web programming also read

C ++ is a programming language designed in the mid-1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup. The intention of its creation was to extend to the programming language C mechanisms that allow the Manipulation of objects. In that sense, from the point of view of object-oriented languages, C ++ is a hybrid language. What is c++  Basic guide for beginner

C# is an invention of Microsoft (proprietary language) that mixes the basic features of C ++ (not the advanced ones) simplifying them to the Java-style and offering a framework. The problem is that it is .Net, and it stops being a native/portable code. Of course, the framework provides quite easy to program common tasks, like Java. What is C# | Introduction to C#

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