What is Bootstrap in programming

In this article, we are going to talk about Bootstrap, one of the most famous CSS frameworks and one of the most used, because although you do not know it, many websites that you visit on a daily basis are created with Bootstrap. let’s know about it.

What is BootStrap

Bootstrap is a CSS framework that allows you to shape a website through CSS libraries that include fonts, buttons, boxes, menus, typography, and other elements that can be used on any website. You can have a web well organized in a visual way quickly: the learning curve makes its management affordable and fast if you already know how to design. It allows using many web elements: from icons to unfolding, combining HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Little History Of BootStrap

it was developed in 2011 by Twitter, Its creators are Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton In its original birth, we knew the framework with the name of  Twitter Blueprint because it was actually born in the company’s own offices.

Bootstrap 4

it is the latest version. The first beta version of Bootstrap 4 was released in  August 2017. then Mark suspended work in September 2016, to free up time to work on it. and it was finalized in January 2018.

Bootstrap 5

it is the upcoming major version of the framework.


Some Advantages of using it.

  • Whatever we believe, the design will be adaptable, no matter the device, scale or resolution.
  • It has external implementations for WordPress, Drupal, etc.
  • Quick and easy learning curve. and simple to use.
  • Customizable web elements package.
  • simple responsive adaptation.
  • Includes a Grid system for layout by columns.
  • Integration to JavaScript libraries.
  • Each time it offers more plugins.
  • Maintenance and update made by Twitter. (there is a very active community creating, fixing things, offering plugins and much more.)

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