Summary of Rich dad poor dad book

Summary of Rich dad poor dad book

Summary of Rich dad poor dad book | hey welcome to in this article I am going to talk about Rich Dad Poor dad book Summary so let get Start.

The house in which our childhood develops is our primary source of learning. In it, we learn what we are taught intentionally, but what we live is also burned into our being, the model of life that our parents develop. These learnings, driven by examples and advice, are transformed into schemes that determine patterns of behavior. Poor parents advise their children to try and study, that this is the way to get a job that will make them live well. But reality shows that the school does not prepare to deal with money-related issues and to handle money is about wealth.
This book transcends myths and false beliefs about the financial world and exposes the true tools that we have within us that will allow us to discover the economic potential in the same way that the rich do.
You will find in these lines all that the rich teach their children about money.


The books are mentors. They can guide what we do in our lives and how we do it. Many of us love books as we read them and even resonate with us a few weeks later, but after 2 years we cannot remember whether we have read it or not. And that’s not right. We remember that at the time, that book meant a lot to us. Why is it that time later we have forgotten everything?

This summary takes the most important ideas from the original book.

Many people do not like to read, they just want to know what the book says they should do. If you trust the author you don’t need the arguments. Most books are arguments of their ideas, but very often we do not need arguments if we trust the source. We can understand the idea immediately.

All this information is in the original book. This summary makes the effort to reduce redundancies and turn them into direct instructions to the point for people who do not intend to read the book in its entirety.

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