what is c++ used for | Basic guide for beginner

what is c++ used for | Basic guide for beginner

What is C++ Programming Language

It is a programming language designed in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. The intention of its creation was to extend to the programming language C mechanisms that allow the manipulation of objects. In that sense, from the point of view of object-oriented languages, it is a hybrid language.

Subsequently, generic programming facilities were added, which were added to the paradigms of structured programming and object-oriented programming. This is why it is often said that it is a multi-paradigm programming language.

Currently, there is a standard, called ISO C ++, to which most of the most modern compiler manufacturers have adhered. There are also some interpreters, such as ROOT.

A particularity of it is the possibility of redefining the operators, and of being able to create new types that behave as fundamental types.

The name was proposed by Rick Mascitt in 1983 when the language was first used outside of a scientific laboratory. Before, the name “C with classes” had been used. In C ++, the expression “C ++” means “C increase” and refers to C ++ as an extension of C.

Little History Of  This Language

The history begins in the early 1970s, with a programmer Dennis Ritchie working in the AT & T Bell Labs.

Working with a language called BCPL invented by Martin Richards (who later influenced to create the B of Ken Thompson), Dennis wanted a language that would allow him to handle the hardware in the same way as the assembler but with some structured programming like the languages ​​of high level.

It was then that he created the C that first ran on PDP-7 and PDP-11 computers with the UNIX operating system. But the true scope of what it would be seen shortly thereafter when Dennis rewrote the UNIX C compiler in the same C, and then Ken Thompson (system designer) wrote UNIX completely in C and no longer in assembler.

By the time AT & T relinquished the operating system to several universities, the C boom began. When personal computers were commercialized, several versions of C compilers began to be designed, this became the favorite language for creating applications.

are C and C++ are Same

There is always a lot of Confusion Let me Clear that There is a difference between them. if you don’t Know What is C Language check out our article: What Is C Programming Language

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