Adobe illustrator Complete Tutorial for beginner Step by Step

What is Adobe illustrator Used for

What is Adobe illustrator | This is the first question that any beginner who is going to do a course in graphic design always ask, what is Adobe Illustrator. it is a vector graphics editing software developed by Adobe. American multinational computer software company.

What is Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a computer program, a vector graphics editor and, therefore, is used for editing and modifying this kind of image. They are digital files where the different elements are formed by geometric objects, dependent on each other, with mathematical attributes according to their position, shape or color.

Currently, Adobe Illustrator is part of the family of applications called Adobe Creative Cloud and is one of the essential tools in design studios in charge of both more artistic and abstract works such as corporate images or design of applications and graphics. In addition, although it is commonly known by this denomination, it is distributed through various forms. From the most traditional, standard and individual version, to be part of company packages such as Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium and Standard Version, Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium, Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium, and Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection.

What is Adobe illustrator  Used for

This is the Second question that any beginner asks. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based program used to create Vector-based illustrations and Photo Realistic artwork. For Example, create a
Business card
Packaging Design
Mobile App Layout
Web Layout
Abstract Background
even you can create a  Shows, Cloth and many more.

If you want to know more about Adobe Illustrator, we recommend this quick video in which we talk about illustrator.

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