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What is javascript?

it is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, more than twenty years of history. Javascript is a kind of light programming language, interpreted by most browsers and that provides web pages, effects and complementary functions to those considered as standard HTML This type of programming language, is often used on sites web, to perform actions on the client-side, being focused on the source code of the web page.
It is important to be clear, that Javascript is not entirely a programming language, but rather a Scripting language (routines or scripts). Therefore, it is more like the macros of the spreadsheet or text processors. It would be impossible to run a full program with Javascript.

Little History Of Javascript

The history of the JavaScript language began during the decade of the 90s, there was a real technological boom, the Internet took on a greater role worldwide and humanity formally began its relationship with computers.
Javascript was created by the software company “Netscape Corporation” to be placed in your browser 2.0. it continues to be one of the most useful tools for the creation of web pages that have more than just text.


are Javascript and Java Same?

This question may seem obvious to many, but there are still many people who are not clear about it. Since they share a word at the beginning of their name, many people think that Java and JavaScript are the Same or related but Nothing is further from the truth Java and JavaScript are different.

Java was born in the year 1991 in the company Sun Microsystems, by the hand of James Gosling. Its initial objective was to create applications for television receivers and embedded devices, although, in the end, it ended up working almost everywhere. Initially, it was going to be called Oak, and then Green, but finally the chosen name is the one we all know.

JavaScript is a later programming language, created in the mid-’90s by Brendan Eich, of the company Netscape. Its objective was to provide interactivity to the web pages displayed with its Internet browser, Netscape Navigator, the market leader at that time. His name in code during the development of the language was Mocha, and they thought to finally launch it as LiveScript.



Companies that using Javascript

This is a useless Question because 90 to 95% Of companies are using it that’s why? There are many reasons, I explain few main reasons like Its Very clear Since there is nothing to install or configure or prerequisites of any kind, there is no programming language today that is so within reach of anyone. The browser you are using to read this has everything you need to start testing JavaScript code.

Where to learn?

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