What is Adobe After Effects | Introduction to After Effect

Adobe After Effects is an application that has the form of a study intended for the creation or application in a composition, as well as the realization of professional graphics in motion and special effects, which from their roots have basically consisted of the superposition of layers. Adobe After Effects is one of the most powerful timelines based software on the market together with Autodesk Combustion and Eyeon Fusion lets talk in detail.

What is Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and digital composition software published by Adobe. It is mainly used for post-production of moving images, animate, alter and compose creations in 2D and 3D spaces with several native tools and third-party plugins. It uses a non-linear editing system and the traditional Adobe layering system. It contains a large number of filters and effects that, combined with each other, give infinite creative possibilities for our videos and motion graphics. It is available in both Mac and Windows that have Windows. This application is mostly used for post-production on television, creation of special effects and animation

History Of Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects was originally developed by the Company of Science and Art in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Version 1.0 was released in January 1993. Version 2.1 of 1994 introduced acceleration for PowerPC. CoSA and consequently After Effects was then acquired by the Aldus Corporation in July 1993; this company, in turn, was acquired by Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1994 and with it PageMaker and After Effects. The first version of Adobe for After Effects was version 3.0. It was also used in films like ” Iron Man “, among others.

After Effects Creative Cloud (CC)

We are talking about the industry’s standard creative software for visual effects and motion graphics, After Effects Creative Cloud. It is part of the subscription-based on Adobe Creative Suite and has a great advantage: it is continuously updated for its users. This collaboration also makes it easier to use Adobe applications when needed. CC also allows the synchronization of the configuration to be used anywhere in the world, regardless of whether it is on a different computer.

On the other hand, although the program can be stored locally, the subscription must be active to receive the updates and have all its functions. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time

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